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I am very passionate about the treatments I offer and I know you wouldn’t get better anywhere else. Check out the range of beauty and wellbeing treatments, including Massage, Waxing, Nails, Facials and more. Everybody is special and I love making people feel good about themselves; not just with my beauty treatments but in life itself.


Lash lift

Lash lifts are also perfect for your natural lashes, no nasty adhesive is used and no risk of loosing your natural lashes. This treatment is fantastic, it basically perms your natural lashes (even if they are very short). The transformation is unbelievable!    Learn more...


This is a lovely treatment. Cleansing and toning the face, massage using cold stones focusing on those pressure points which relives headaches and blocked sinuses. Lovely reviving cucumber face mask applied leaving skin feeling beautiful soft and clean.    Learn more...

Hot Stone Massage

This is a wonderful treatment! If you want total relaxation then this is for you. Using volcanic basalt rocks that locks in heat, they work deep into the muscles leaving you relaxed and relieved.    Learn more...


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